I've been seeing people who are putting blames to Aya Étoile because of the loss of fake casino dollars,tokens, gummies and other stuff. Why are you putting everything like she's the one who's responsible for your loss of items? I am not going to say this for her own sake but I think this is not right. I don't really want to talk but there were people who are talking in casino and its getting on my nerves. Really, I don't want to lecture but everyone should be open minded

     As you can see, not only her who got banned last December 2011 regarding the latest issue about the cheat. Some where innocent as well! Just, I don't want to name the people I know who got banned.. I don't want them to get in in this issue.
    Aya quit pico after getting banned as well as pico rock band and not planning to go back on pico anymore. After they quit pico, that was the time when the casino dollar cheat appeared. If that so, how could she be the reason of the loss of your fake escargots, tigers? While she's already not around
     Also, not all people who get ban are criminal. Some of them are innocent! Two of our friends got banned because their AG went suspicious. But then, it was proved that there was nothing wrong about her purchase so she got her account back.

     People on casino said, "everyone's escargot and other casino stuff are gone because of her. She wanted her account back and in exchange of that, others have to lose their items!". Hello? Do you know what you are saying??? Oh, and hey! How about the other picos who got ban? Aren't they also suspicious on reporting as well? Of course they would want their accounts back! Then why putting the blames on Aya! Also, don't look down to ameba pico admins. Of course, the know what's happening on their game!!!

Please. Stop thinking out of this world. Be mature and think well! Stop blaming someone w/o a proof that he/she is the responsible one! Cuz how could my friend be temporarily bann because of her AG? Then who reported her? COME! THINK!
    It doesn't mean that she did a wrong thing, means she's already a bad person and you'll keep on focusing on the bad side. That's terrible!
    If you lost your escargots, tigers, gums and tokens because of cheat... then, accept that you didn't deserve it. Don't blame somebody else because it just shows you are guilty and can't blame your own.  If you lost your escargots and tigers even though you didn't cheat it but you cheat after getting the expensive stuffs,.. accept that it was taken as a punishment. And for those people who lost their expensive stuff even though they did nothing, 100%... it's not Aya's fault because she isn't the one who took it from you. It's you're responsible on taking care your OWN account even you asked someone to do it for you. Remember, you wanted it! And it's the Ameba Pico Admins/Staff who are responsible for the behavior of their gamers.
    Come to think of it. Which are you going to choose? A punishment which admins will only get the stuffs you didn't deserve? or getting banned like you got expel? THINK!
Please be aware of the following consequences
  • Maintenance
  • Someone will get ban
  • Ameba Pico Admins/Staff will fix the problem
  • Maintenance
  • The stuffs you didn't deserve are GONE
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Tiffany Pink of Ameba Pico said...

i agree.. if u cheated, its ur fault if ur stuff is gone.. not Aya.

Rockypoo said...

Aya is da bomb even tho idk her and i admit i did cheat my casino token and gummies and my eascargots and 6 tigers and casino outfits and i lost them all but i was mad and all but i didnt blame it on aya , i deserved it coz i was the one who cheated it not her ); so shut the fack up all and blame it on ur selfes not aya !!

RandomPanda said...

Yeah, make sure you don't let anyone take care of your account even for a little while, I learned my lesson while I was in Missouri and I had told my cousin to watch my account, and what does she do? She spends like 5000 of my gummies I was saving for expansion. She hosts events. She uses the food I buy and use. She ruined my account ;(

miyuki-twins said...

AYA She Dint Do Anything :/

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