How to Register on Ameba Pigg

Step 1
    Visit http://www.ameba.jp/ or http://pigg.ameba.jp/ for direct log in/sign up. Take note that this Website is in Japanese Language.

Step 2
    Click the orange button that you can se eon your right side written '無料でカンタン! アメーバ会員登録' means Free and Easy. Register Ameba

Step 3
    As you click the orange button, you'll e transferred to another page.

And Press to send to your e-mail address'.

Step 4
    You'll be receiving a mail from Ameba(アメーバ) and the title is 【Ameba】会員登録のご案内. Check that message and you'll see a URL(the first one) click that URL to continue your registration. If you don't verify your account immediately within 24 hrs, the URL won't work and you have to send another e-mail.

Step 5
    There will be a new tab/window will appear on your browser for the 2nd step of registration. Fill up the form and click the '確認' button below the form to confirm and Make sure you add some numbers on your ID. 

Example: abcd123

    After clicking the button '確認'  the page will be transferred and you'll see the preview of your account information. And to finish this step, you have to put the code written on the image to the free box.

Step 6
     When you reach the Step 3 -登録完了- you successfully created your account!
     Then click the green button below to proceed to your page.

-Étoile Sisters


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Thanks for this Mai,but our browser already has a translater but don't worry,It can help others.

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