Hello Everyone! I just updated my house today and of course.. it didn't really changed... I just changed some parts/stuffs around :D

    And this is my room one now. Yeah, this is the design of my room since last year's November when I was still in Hot 30 for two weeks and that time, there are so many people were requesting to me to make more rooms about Alice in Wonderland. Check out my old post →HERE←.

Alice, Cheshire and Worm at the Forest

    And because of them, I made Mad Hatter in my room 3 since most of them were asking... "Mad Hatter" with the "rabbit". But I think I can`t do the rabbit :| Since no space and I think it won`t fit the design so... sorry. XD

Mad Hatter at White Queen's Garden

    And this is my room 3 now. Inspired with the Chess Premium Gacha. Since when I`m making this room, I started on liking Alice in Wonderland... which is not from the first place :P Or maybe it`s because of my brother(in real life) who watch Alice in Wonderland non-stop :|

Red Queen's Castle

    And yeah, I can't finish this room unless Ameba Pico increase the limit of items that we can put inside our rooms :| So I hope they'll update it for me...also for the others who are suffering with this problem because they can't finish their room.

To the Fans of my room and to all Readers,

    My room is open to everyone to enjoy my place. You can stay here anytime you want. You can also reserve my room if you want to do a party inside, just... tell me and let`s schedule it. o(^-^)o My message icon is always open so, don't hesitate on sending your messages to me. My room is 100% ORIGINAL. No copy. My designs are from my brain, imagination. I made this since September 2010 and finished in November 2011. SO! Do not ever copy my room (if you don't want me to post you here in my blog-don't think I'm bad or strict but I just think it is not right) BECAUSE even tho it's not AIW but the design is the same... I will never forgive that since this is from my imagination UNLESS,... you asked me if you can and give me credits that your design is inspired of mine because I would say "YES". I'm nice, I'm not selfish... just that let  me know don't be scared:D Just that, I want you to think which is right and wrong ^^

    Why am I saying this? Well, long time ago... I saw someone who did TS as her theme and the design was REALLY like my room 1. FYI, my rooms... specially the room 1 is REALLY old and I NEVER changed the designs... that's why I would really know who are the ones who are copying me. So remember...


To my Visitors,

    Thank you for visiting my room when you are free specially to the ones who brings their friends inside^^ I'm really happy seeing you enjoying there specially when you're taking pictures and post it in your blogs or facebook. I really appreciate that! I would love to see them on our Facebook Fan Page. Also, thank you for not forgetting to leaving your messages on my board~ :)

Possible Things
-You can held a party/meeting/gathering/etc inside my room ANYTIME. As long as it is possible, don't forget to tell me because... if I have to change some designs... I would do that. Well, you can actually ask your requests. :)
-Feel free to take pictures inside, I'll be glad to see them on our Facebook Fan Page.

With Denise and Devilyn and their Family :)

-MaiRie Étoile


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