iTribe Monthly Reunion

    It`s been a long time since I spent my time with them! And I missed them so much! Actually, these past few days... most of there were asking me about the next meting and since I'm busy, I can't make my schedule for them. So Yeah, our meeting didn't take long~ Clover and Dad was there too! They joined our Picture taking ;)

    And after I took a pic, I announced something...which is really important.

I Told Them That I'm Leaving iTribe

    And yeah, they were surprised about what I said and then they they kept on asking me why... and it seems like it's so sudden... so I told them my reason.

"Because, It's April Fools :P
Just saying my greeting"

    Yeah, I fooled them, I didn't thought that I can fool someone XD

-MaiRie Étoile


τнε вℓøģ øωиεя said...

nakakainis!! kung cno pa pinaka-excited, siya pa ndi naka-attend!....haixt...

Etoile Sisters said...

xD Minsan pag madami ulit ang online :D I-gagather ko :)

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