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    Hello Guys! I'm going to post here on how to  change your Pigg Profile through screen caption, So if you can't see the picture clearly... just click on it :)

Two ways on opening your Profile Setting Window
    The first one is from your profile (just like in Pico). Click the "設定変更/" at the bottom of your profile.

    And the second one is from the Top Right side of your screen. You could see "ピグの設定変更/Pigg Setting"

Profile Setting Window

How to Change your Nickname

Step 1
    Go to your profile settings and click the "ニックネームの変更/Change your Nickname" and a new window/tab will appear on your browser.

Step 2
    Write the Nickname you wanted. Make sure you fill up the Required sections before saving your settings.
中学校生-Junior High School Student
高校生-Senior High School Student
大学専門学生-College Student/Vocational
会社員-Office Worker
公務員-Public Service
自営業-Independent Businessman
フリーター-Part-time Worker
主婦-House Maker/House wife

Step 3
    Click the button to save.

How to Change your Room Settings
     Open your Profile Settings then change the setting of your room. Loot at the picture below and check the red bordered section :) Change it to "Buddies OK!" or "No one" then save. Just put it back to "Everyone OK!" if you want other Pigg to enter your room anytime.

-Étoile Sisters


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