Unofficial Étoiles

    We've been encountering unofficial Étoiles since last year and we think we have to do actions now because it's really WRONG.

    We are happy for having supporters/fans around and we really appreciate your support  but copying, owning, using someone's name is a very bad idea. If you are doing it for your own popularity or something. Don't use someone's name and better have your own originality. Stop using someone's idea.

    Since most of them are doing reckless things, using our to do bad stuffs, see the list of Official Étoiles Here.

    'Étoile' isn't just a family name but it is MaiRie Étoile and MiaRi Étoile's original name before we decided to make a family. So it mean's you are using someone's name which is not good.

    So if you are one of them or intending, we are pleasing to stop because we don't like what you are doing. not just me and my  twin but also the other Étoiles.

    If you saw  fake Étoiles, please let us know through messaging us on Ameba Pico or leaving a message on our Fan Page. Feel free to repost this to let everyone know~ Thank You!

    *Users that will be suspected that accusing will be posted in public immediately. We are asking for your understanding, Thank you!

-Étoiles Sisters. Étoiles Family
MaiRie Étoiles X MiaRi Étoiles


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