For the 2nd Page of Challenge Card, GET 40!

そうだ京部に行こう/Visit Kyoube
    Go Travel and find the 京部/Kyoube Place!

 佐々木公園初心者広場に行こう!/Visit Sasaki Park: Beginner`s Place

     Visit Sasaki Park: Beginner`s Place and earn props! :) Just make sure you'll props back okay? Or, Props them and they will props you back automatically ;)

 佐々木公園で原さんに会おう!/Meet Mr. Gen at Sasaki Park: Flea Market
     Go travel and check out the Sasaki Park Place icons. You'll see the Flea Market just like on Ameba Pico. Click the icon and enter server 2 "原さんのフリマ/Mr. Gen`s Flea".

茶屋に行こう!/Visit Chaya

    Go travel and Check out the "浅草/Asakusa" place and visit the Tea Place and talk with others :D
ラスベガスのカジノに行こう/Visit Casino at Last Vegas

    Go travel and check out the "ラスベガス/Las Vegas" section. Visit any casino place (ルーレット/Roulette, ブラックジャック/Black Jack, ミニバラカ/Mini Baccarat)  to get a star!

ラスベガスのショップラウンジへ行こう!/Visit Shop Lounge at Las Vegas
     Go travel and check the "ラスベガス/Las Vegas" seciton. Visit the shop lounge there. Usually... it is he last icon.

 北海道に行こう!/Visit Hokkaido
     This is the place where you can buy pets (Pet Farm in Ameba Pico).

ピグとも申請する/Add a Buddy
    Send a request to someone as a buddy.

ピグともをつくろう!/Make Buddy
     Send a Buddy Request to your friend and get a star when your invitation is accepted! Click the pink one for "承認/Accept" (to get a star).
広大縮小ボタンをつかってみる/Use zoom in・zoom out button
    Use the Zoom in/Zoom out button.
コミュニティに入ってみよう!/Join a Community
    Join a community/group on Pigg! If you want to be part of us, feel fre to join our community called "Étoiles and Friends".
 ピグ友ワープしてみる/Warp your Buddy
     Warp to your buddy by clicking the green icon!
おてがみを出してみる/Send a letter
    Send a letter to your buddy/someone. Just click the Pigg Character and see the envelope icon(just like in Pico).
    Whisper your Pigg Buddy and get a star just like in Pigg :)
ポケットアイテムを使ってみよう!/Use any item on your Pocket
    Use any item of your Pocket. Since you are a starter, you have a 5 free water. Try using it to get a star.

アメSHOPでアイテムを交換しょう!/Buy an item Using your Gummies
    Buy an Item using your Ame/Gummies! Ame shop can be found anywhere in Travel. The "Shop" Machines are the ones which you could buy items using Token/AG
-Étoile Sisters


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If you could show how to buy gold in ameba pigg that would help alot and can you buy is with us money tnks ^^

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