Earn Gummies in Pigg!

    Let me help you to earn Gummies in Pigg and earn 43 per day through props, rings and change your clothes! You can actually earn 20 props and GET , 20 rings and change your clothes once!

Make Events
Make Events in your room for 10 gummies and get at least 20 rings to earn 20 gummies.

First, click the icon below your screen to make an event

Here`s the possible event titles that I'm sure they'll come and ring you:
-きたよ100%返します(Ring back 100%)
-きたよとグピグ下さい!(Ring me please!)
-I can speak English
-ピグやってる人~(Who Plays Pigg)

And if you're having a problem on what you're going to put on the description,just use the title too :D

Visit Rooms
You can also visit the other rooms with events and ask the visitors to ring you and usually, they will props you automatically.

try using these phrases to ask them to come to your room:
-きたよ返すよ~★(I will Ring you back)
-きたよ100%返します!(I'll ring back 100%)
-良かったら私のルームに来て下さい(Please visit my room)

グッド!Earn Propsグッド!
Visit the 初心者広場/Beginners' Plaza server 1 at Sasaki Park!

    You can earn many props here just like in pico! They will props you w/o asking~ If you want to have props faster, props them and I'm sure they'll props back!

Call for props:
-。゜★グピグ ★゜。

ワンピースChange Clothesワンピース

-Étoile Sisters


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i need the 2012 version not 2011 im so confuseddd
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