If you're having a hard time on doing your Challenge Book on Ameba Pigg, I'm going to teach you now on how to complete your book and earn GET 33!

    I'm going to start from the first star on the top left to right going down. All of these challenges will work only once. So if you already get a star... you can't get again for the second time.

おでかけ/Go Travel
    Click the おでかけ/Travel icon at the bottom part of your screen and a window will appear on your screen and then click on any places you want to go and get a star.

あいさつアクションをする/Use your "Hello" Action
     Click the "あいさつ/Hello"icon on your bottom left. You'll be getting the star when you're under the tutorial for the starters with Hitomi.

誰かにグッピグする/Give Props
    Props someone on pigg. You'll get the start while you're having the tutorial with Hitomi.

他のピグのお部屋を訪問する/Visit someones' Room
    Visit someone's room. You'll get the star here when Hitomi asked you to visit her house and automatically, you'll ge

「きたよ」してみる/Ring someone
    When you visit Hitomi's house while you're taking the tutorial, she'll ask for きたよ/Ring by clicking the button on top left side of your screen.

きせかえする/Change Clothes
    Change your clothes by clicking the button on the bottom of your screen and get a star as you save your clothes setting.

もようがえしょう!/Decor your Room
    Click the もようがえ/Decor icon and move your items on your room and get your star as soon as you move your furniture.

ピグ通販をひらいてみる/Click the Shop
    Open the Shop Catalog by clicking the "ショップ" button on the bottom part of your screen.

スクラッチをあける/Open your Scratch card
    Click on the last button from the right side of the bottom of your screen to open your Scratch Card.

プロフィールいれてみよう!/Enter your Profile
    Go to your profile setting and put your introduction and edit your profile. Click here to know the ways on how to edit your information.

お部屋の設定してみよう!/Change your Room Settings
    Click your Pigg and click "設定変更/Settings" to change your Room setting. Click here for more information on how to change your room setting.

引換券でアイテムをGETしょう!/Buy an Item using your Token

    Click the shop icon and buy any item there. Click here for tutorials and translations.

渋谷に行こう!/Visit Shibuya

    Click the "おでかけ/Travel" icon on the bottom of your screen. Scroll down the scroll of the window appeared on your screen. Find the Shibuya place to go and visit there.
浅草に行こう!/Visit Asakusa

    Go Travel and Visit Asakusa.

沖縄に行こう!/Visit Okinawa

    Visit Okinawa Sea.

That's all for now, Good Luck!

-Étoile Sisters


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