Hello Guys! I'm going to give you a tip about Slot. Well, I do this almost everyday while I'm sleeping. Yes, leaving my computer behind while I'm resting :D

. Step 1
    All you have to do this download my favorite auto clicker. Well I think, this is the best and easiest auto-clicker I used. It's really friendly and no hard time on setting :D

 (AutoMouseClicker 2.20)

Step 2
    As you completed on downloading the file, Right Click on it and Extract the file ( either Extract Files or Extract Here)

Step 3
    As you finish extracting the zip file, Double Click the AutoMouseClicker Icon and the window will Appear.

Step 4
    Click Locate and then Click to the place you wanted to click automatically then Click Start.

1.) The x and y numberings shows the location of the point where you set at. This numberings automatically calculated as you locate the point.
2.) By clicking 'locate' means you are going to assign where you wanted to click automatically.
3.) 1000 is the value of 1second. So, if you want to change it more 1 second just change the 1.
1000 =2sec.
4.) If you're done on setting 1.),2.) ans 3.)... Click 'Start' if you want to begin.
5.) Where you set the number of times of Clicking per second.
6.) Timer of Counts.

  Bonus Time Help!  
(Recommended Setting)

    Well, Many of you were having problems regarding Bonus time. So now, I'm going to teach you how I do it while I'm relaxing! :)

    Open your AutoMouseClicker  then Option>Configure Mouse Events or Ctrl+E and this window will appear.

1.) The two boxes shows the X and Y measurement. Click the < icon to Locate.
2.) Check the box if you're going to use the Left Click. Uncheck the box if you're going to use Right Click.
3.) Seconds/Milliseconds settings.
4.) Click 'Add Events' if you want to click more than 1.
5.) Clear Events to delete your settings.
6.) When you check the 'Auto Minimize', as you click the 'Start Events' this window will automatically minimized.
7.) 'Loop Events' is the settings of number of rounds of your designated event.
8.) 'Start Events' to begin your event.
9.) If you check the 'Loop Events'. Edit the number inside the box on how many you want the events repeated.

Step 1
Click the 'Add Event' 4 times and you'll have 5 on your numberings

Step 2
Click the < icon and Locate the position where you're going to click. Do this process same with others. Make sure you locate the 'Max Bet' and the 4 boxes in Bonus Time.

Step 3
Click 'Start Events' to begin.

    That's All! Easy Right? Just 3 Steps and you can relax! You don't really have to give all of your time just to click and watch out for the Bonus Time come. So, Good Luck!

-Étoile Sisters


Ameba Pico Bear said...

Thanks for the tip ^_^ - Miyenmi -

Coffee Toffee said...

can you do this in chinese?because my computer only shows words in chinese

•.¸¸.•´¯`•.αrdel•.¸¸.•´¯`•. said...

Well ... it can banned , huh :\ ???

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