Everyone is Star!

    I've been waiting for this day to come. This is actually our first-ever-scheduled-gathering ever! We never set dates when we want to meet and actually, most of our family pictures are the times, happened that most of us are online XD

    Oh well, I'm gonna miss Étoiles, my friends and of course the VIP members! I haven't bond with them that much but I'm really going to miss them!  Well, I'll be in vacation for a month so... I hope everyone will be fine ^-^.

    About the blog, of course, my twin is there, she'll be the one who's en-charge with our blog! So expect that she'll be active a little ;)

    So yeah, after our gathering, Mia decided to open her place. Since most of the Just A Dream Casts were there too. People have been looking for iDomo so I thought it was a good idea. And the most surprising that time is, both me and Mia's room are full and got people waiting.

    We didn't really expect that this is going to happen and it's so sweet >< Never thought that there are so many people have been supporting us and I'm so happy!

    Also, today,... there are so many things that we have to celebrate!

    First, 4 Étoiles in hot 30!

Second, 3 Étoiles in top 3 of Hot 30!

Third, Pico Rock Band got morethan 1,000 Likes on their page within 2 months!

    And lastly, Just A Dream got more than 1,000 view within  days!

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     Because of this, we also celebrated
Just A Dream Fans' Day!

That's why, I'm here to thank everyone who supports us! Our supporters is actually our inspiration!

-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étole


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