Today is the Grand opening of VIPico  (VIP) under the Étoile Family and will be managing by MaiRie Étoile and MiaRi Étoile. For some reasons, we decided not to open the Étoile family anymore and just make a group where everyone can join. VIPico is actually an open group. The members are possibly be in our up cumming videos but still we will be doing the contests.

★How to join
  • Add MaiRie and MiaRi on facebook and leave a message. "I'm Joining VIP"
  • Simply like our page, MaiRie Étoile X MiaRi Étoile
  • Post a picture of you with your Pico name wearing your best red clothing.
  • Put your Pico Name, Blog link(if you have) and Country
  • If your picture have been added to the VIP Album. andIf you have a blog, don't forget to add this on your blog :D

    ★Rules-Just be a good member
    • You may invite your friends but only MaiRie and MiaRi will accept
    • No trash talking
    • Mean members with 3 warnings will automatically removed
    • Respect each other and treat everyone FAIRLY
    • Must be a Loyal member :)
    1. How would I know if I am an official member already?
    -The picture you submitted with your Pico name will be added to the VIPico Member Album

    2. Is it fine if I change my name?
    -Of course! Everyone is free to change your name, just don't forget to comment on your picture with your past pico name and the new one
    I changed my name- fluffy bear -> muffin cakes

    3. Can I change my picture?
    -Yes, you are feel free to change your picture, Just don't forget to say your pico name and the numbering of your member picture

    4. I already submitted my picture but why it's not yet in the album?
    -Just give us time, you'll be automatically accepted when you submitted anyway.

    -Étoile Sisters
    MaiRie Étoile X MiaRi Étoile
    8/3/2011 - Modified


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