Just a Dream on Pigg!

    Hello Everyone! Last July 17, I received a message from my friend Japanese friend, Rex A. She's one of the Happy Oliver Winners at Night Club last November 2010.

Happy Oliver Winners November 2010

"Hello Mai! It's me Rex. I saw the video and it turned out very well. It was splendid.
If it is fine with you, is it alright if I write it on my blog?
I'll count on your reply."

    Her blog is actually one of the greatest blog in pico, and she's one of the greatest blogger. Check out her post here! So don't forget to follow her blog or like her facebook fan page okay? :)

-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile    


Lolita Sisters said...

I already read all of her blog. I want to follow but where is the follow button ?


Zaitun said...

your video just a dream is so saddyly but prefect nice !shock!

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