The Black Mia

    This is the first time I became black in entire of my Pico life xD Well, I was just thinking that I should change something and yeah, I think I look like a Joker with my look ahaha... well I kno, I'm wearing a joker outfit.

    Cat introduced  me to her friend, Luilz Sinclair. Well, he is nice and I'm really happy to get along with other people. Also, these days, Anna is getting active and it is suche a relief to see Étoiles active :D Well, it was fun talking with these people today!

-Étoile Sisters
MiaRi Étoile


☜☠☞Luiℓz・.° said...

sorry im change my name (Luilz Sinclair >> ☜☠☞Luiℓz・.° )

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