É-VENT Diary

    Thank you very much for joining us with our special 4 days event! It was really tiring but we really had fun! It's really nice to see and bond once again with our friends and supporters who have been there for us for long and meeting new people! I'm so happy to hear that most of the people who did their best to meet us are the ones who have been wishing to see us not AFK/BRB. I'm really glad to hear those feeb backs!

[Day 1] October 19, 2012||Born This Way & Skater Boy YouTube Anniversary

   There were lots of people who came that day. My rooms were full which I didn't expect because we announced the É-vent already late (sorry about that, can't handle things right in real. Too busy >_<) which made me relieved. I'm really happy to meet people on that day. We talked, eat and took pictures. I planned to sing Born This Way with Mia for it's Anniversary, but then, Mia went AFK already to study because that was our exam week. So sadly, didn't able to make it :< So, I just end up watching a movie and spoiling people each scene of it XD

    Well, I apologize if it bored you. I was all dizzy that time. Preassure because of the exam on the following day that I don't know what to do first. But I still did the party because that is the word I said. If ever, please understand me for being busy >_<

[Day 2] October 20, 2012||Rose's Meet up at NYC


    Didn't had a chance to see our tita because she can't get online for almost 5 days or more than as well as dad. So we just ended up going to Rose's event as soon as possible.

    There were lots of people already when I get there. For all of sudden, people are already gathering where I was standing. So happy whenever it happens. I feel so loved. Thank you guys! For a small time, I took pictures to some picos and bond with others. Mia came after 30 minutes yet, both of us kept on DC-ing whenever we try to get in so we just ended up AFK-ing in my room.

    When I cam back, people were waiting for us to come back. I didn't expect that. I thought they wouldn't mind us if we were not there in NYC, well... most of them were from Rose's event and I'm really happy to see them around! When 12:00 strike, we took this picture for Mia's first birthday greeting.


[Day 3] October 21, 2012||PRB Grand Concert

Mai & Mia : Dancer
Bry : Vocalist/Drummer
Kyu : Drummer/ Vocalist

    Mia and I were late for the event. Been busy a lot in real for studying because it was our exam week. There were already tons of people who were waiting to get into Bry's room that time. It was Mia who reminded me to go on already 'cuz she found where the venue was. Rose was the one who told her where to go. Thanks about that Rose! And then yeah, To make ir more lively, we joined Bry and Kyu on the performance.

    Supposedly, this day was supposedly the grand appearance of all PRB members. Sadly, in a bad timing, Dad White and Ayame can't get online because it wont let them connect to pico. Indy was hospitalized and I'm not much aware about Yamamoto. So yeah, good thing Bry was there to help out not to make Kyu's debut canceled, and so, as we promised. We joined the concert. That was fun! I love dancing with Mia!

    Thank you for coming everyone! We will be having lots of events, party, gathering and so on and so forth. We are counting for your essence as we would like to meet more people and make you guys happy!

ミ★Étoile Sisters☆彡
MaiRie Étoile & MiaRi Étoile