Happy Halloween!

    Thank you very much for joining our Halloween Banner Contest for our Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/Etoile.Royal)! Sorry if the announcement is quite delay due that I am very busy in real life (Mai). Oh well, the banners are judged by Étoiles but of course, there were lots of great entries in over 160 entries we've received and it was really hard to decide! But there will be only one winner who got highest votes! The contestant who'll get 50,000GM is:

D α i ѕ ч [✿]
Saudi Arabia

Thank you very much to the Étoiles for helping!


    Join this year's Halloween with us ad expect that there will be Étoiles who'll be in the party! Just wear your best Halloween Costume and let's celebrate together at MaiRie's Room 4, Alice in Wonderland! Also this will be our last party for this month so why don't you guys join us?

What: É Halloween Party 2012
When: October 31,2012
Where: ALICE IN WONDERLAND room 4|| Pico ID: MaiRie Étoile
    The venue will be only available for everyone from 8:30PM/20:30. Any users who get inside earlier before the time will be kick(and allowed). We are asking for everyone for understanding. Please take note that the time will be strictly followed due that we (Mai&Mia) have an exam on the following day.
Coding: Wear your best Halloween Costume!
Register your Attendance: Join our Facebook Event Section! https://www.facebook.com/events/371730802910178/

World Time Schedule
     The venue will be open for everyone at exact 8:30PM/20:30. Please take note that we will not be allowing the visitors to get inside the venue earlier the time. Anyone who tried to get in earlier the designated time will be kick out (but will be allow again).

Australia(Sydney) - 21:30//9:30PM-00:30//12:00AM
Canada(Ottawa) - 07:30//7:30AM-10:30//10:30AM
China(Beijing) - 19:30//7:30PM-22:30//10:30PM
Egypt(Cairo) - 13:30//1:30PM-16:30//4:30PM
France(Paris) - 13:30//1:30PM-16:30//4:30PM
Germany(Berlin) - 13:30//1:30PM-16:30//4:30PM
Hong Kong(Hong Kong) - 19:30//7:30PM
Indonesia(Jakarta) - 18:30//6:30PM-21:30//9:30PM
Japan(Osaka) - 20:30//8:30PM-23:30//11:30
Malaysia(Kuala Lumpur)- 19:30 //7:30PM-22:30//10:30PM
Netherlands(Amsterdam) - 13:30//1:30PM-16:30//4:30PM
Philippines(Manila) - 19:30//7:30PM-22:30//10:30PM
Singapore(Singapore) - 19:30 //7:30PM-22:30//10:30PM
Taiwan(Taipei) - 19:30//7:30PM-22:30//10:30PM
U.S.A(New York) - 07:30//7:30AM-22:30//10:30AM
Vietnam(Ho Chi Minh) - 18:30//6:30PM-21:30//9:30PM

    Also, I would like you all to join us because I'll be in Philippines from November 1 to November 8, 2012 that might be a reason that I won't be active for a week. So please spend time with me as I want to spend time with you guys!

See yah!

☆★Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile & MiaRi Étoile


hana neisya said...

I will come maybe :3

Yumi Isabel said...

wow 5122 people likes you
Famous jor ! :>

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