Philippine Cyber Crime Law

    I know that this news have been spreading like a virus on the internet, specially on facebook about the Philippine Cybercrime Law. This law is just like the 'SOPA' & 'PIPA' which can affect everyone, every country in the world. A law that has something to do with piracy like the mentioned U.S. Law. This time is shall be known as "Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012" which will be only implemented in Philippines.

    Alam ko na kumakalat na ang balitang ito na napakabilis lalo na sa FACEBOOK na may kinalaman sa Philippine Cybercrime Law. And batas na ito ay parang 'SOPA' at 'PIPA' na ninais na ipatupad ng gobyerno ng Amerika ngunit ito ay napawalang bisa. Ito rin ay batas na may kinalaman sa pamemeke na katulad sa nabanggit na batas sa ibang bansa. Sa puntong ito, gustong kilalanin ng mga gobyernador ang batas na ito bilang 'Cybercrime Prevemntion Act of 2012' na batas na sa bansang Pilipinas lamang may bisa.

What is Cybercrime Law or Republic Act No. 10175?

    This Law is said for the development of the economy since, internet is really a big influence to the current people. This is also for the protection of communication systems, networks, database and many more where they are trying to prevent 'Anti-Hacking' including the 'Online Watching', 'Media Download', 'saying of negative comments' just like one facebook; liking and agreeing with a negative post may already considered as a criminal crime. Aside from it, using someone's identity or similar with the name of other person, probably, their images or in other term, being a 'poser' will be considered as a criminal offense

     For the under aged internet users, this is also to avoid 'cyber sex' and 'child pornography' that can affect and influence the underage in negative ways for their young people to have a good a right knowledge instead on getting bad influences. 

     The government of the Philippines wants their people to buy legal products instead on downloading from the internet. This law wants everything to be legalized.

    Ang batas na ito ay sinabing para sa ikauunlad ng ekonomiya dahil narin sa kalakihan ng impluwensya ng internet sa mga tao ngayon. Ito narin ay para maprotektahan ang mga sistema pagdating sa kumunikasyon, network, mga database at marami pang iba. Ito narin ay sinasabi na para maiwasan ang hacking, kasama narin dito sa ipag babawal ang panonood sa internet, pag download ng mga media files, pag papahayag ng mga negatibong komento katulad nalamang sa facebook; and pag 'like' at 'comment' sa isang negative post  na nag papakita ng pag-sang ayon ay isa naring matatawag na kriminal. Bukod pa rito, ang pag-gamit ng litrato, pangalan o kung ano pa man na may kinalaman sa isang tao o sa madaling salita, ang pagiging 'poser' ay parte narin sa gawa ng isang kriminal.

    Para narin sa mga minorde edad, and batas na ito ay para maiwasan ang hindi kanais-naisimpluwensya ng 'cyber sex' at 'child pornography' para nairn sa kanila ay magkaroon ng mas mainam na kaalamanan.

    Ang batas na ito ay ninanais na maging legal ang lahat ng bagay sa bansa na maykinalaman sa internet at pag enganyo sa publiko na bumili ng orihinal na produkto.


    Teenagers who aren't aware on re-posting, re-tweeting, sharing, liking or commenting a libelous material on social media are considered to be imprisoned for maximum of 12 years and a fine of 1,000,000PHP ($24,000).

    Para sa mga menorde edad na hindi maingat sa pag re-post, re-tweet, share at pag 'like' at 'comment' sa may sinasabing hindi katotohanan, masamang pahayag o paninira sa isang tao ay maituturing na kriminal at maaaring makulong hanggng 12 na taon at magkakahalaga ng isang milyong piso.


    I, MaiRie Étoile who's considering my self under the law since I am related with the country is quite about for the law. I like the 'for underage internet users' part. As I've observed inside the game, there are lots of under aged Filipino users who does lack manners. In 2011, there were lots of 'BF&GF search' or dating events in the game. I'm seeing most of them saying vulgar words and offending other people in front of them. I find it no-good with their manners. And I'm seeing lots of Filipino users who spreads pornography sites which isn't a good influence for the young.

    Just like this girl whom we met when we were having a shooting for the video. They were asking if they can join, I explained to them that everything in the video is PLANNED and can't be change so they can't so instead of understanding... we're end up getting bashed in tagalog. Good thing, I was using Bry's account and understand what they were saying. I always say this, if someone ever bash me and a nice talk isn't effective enough, I'll bash you back. Then so, this girl said this: translation: 'I bet you guys are fucking your mother'.

    I do feel bad with these kind of under age girls. Mostly, these kind of people find them self 'cool' for saying such a thing but it's not. Do you think it's cool to say such a thing while you're just a 12 year old girl? Do you think your parents will be proud of you hearing their daughter saying such a thing? I believe that this isn't a manner. I would understand her if she'll say other vulgar words (the swear ones) but this one is really wrong. So I asked her if she's proud of saying that, you know what she said when I scold her? 'Well, I learned that from my friend and I got used to it'. And I don't find it a reason. I've encountered lots of people like that... yet I never said such a thing.

   Besides, this talk is too far from the topic when we were asking them to let us film. Simply, I could say that this girl have no manner and I don't consider it that she's doing it for fun.

  So if you'll talk about the law, I'm agreeing with it for the under aged have better manner and knowledge.

    On the other side of me, I'm against with the law because, considering that Philippine is a third world country, do you think everyone could purchase a legal item? Do you think that even those channel networks would purchase legal item? I believed that they have been downloading too. Do you think that the country will be better after this law is implemented, the economy of the country will be better? I think no. 

    There are lots of people in the country who doesn't have work, who doesn't have enough salary, who doesn't get their salary enough, who doesn't finish their studies, there are lots of street children, people who doesn't have shelter. Do you think that everyone can afford if everything is legalize? I bet not. This situation does happen in other country too but I think Philippine is one of the country who can't do it yet. It's not that I'm not trusting the government of the country but I think they should improve everything first in public than in cyber. If the people already get enough money, probably they could afford to  buy the legal products.

    As I've observe in the previous issue regarding the internet law, the country who approve 'SOPA' and 'PIPA' are mostly the first world country such as US and Japan approves the law and Philippines is a country that is still too far from the level of the country that's why I'm believing.. that this isn't the right time yet.

     Though, it is announced that the law will be effective by October 3, tomorrow. Some people doesn't mind it that much because the government is still impossible to handle it. Well, for me I do... they can do like what china did, block sites such as Facebook (like what I heard). Everything is impossible, that's why I'm wishing that those people who believes it will not be effective, will at least believe what the government can do. Don't put them down that much because nothing is impossible. C:

Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile


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I'm sad that most of kaming mga pilipino ay nagiging bastos kaya siguro naisipan ng Gobyerno na Gawin ang Cyber Crime law para sa ikabubuti namin.

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