It's been a while since Neko Étoile went online! And I really missed him so much. I told him so many things about our family and VIPs that he didn't knew. I called some VIP and Étoile members to meet him for a chance and it was fun while we are in my room 4!

    We wore noob stuffs and guess what! He is the only guy there on the line. The one who's wearing an orange wig XD Well, I think it's obvious. hahaha! And I'm so glad that he enjoyed on talking to these people who came into my room and it was fun watching them.

    After he offline, a fake Étoile guy went inside my room and...

    He's actually one of the coolest guy ever I met! Out of Étoile posers, he is the only one who said this to me, to my friends, to all of us and he's so proud! I like him because he's not like other Étoile posers who are pretending, doing bad things and talking to me like I've got an amnesia, saying like "have you forgotten?" or something like "didn't you know????". Those picos really pissed me off but this one didn't. I actually laugh and I found him nice. I'm proud of him!

-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile


Étoile Fan Club said...

i luv that guy!!!!! i wanna meet him and give credits >v<

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