After getting busy since July (when I went in Philippines) I didn't actually have my time to spend with Étoiles. Too busy (but they understand it) when I came back to Japan because I have to attend my club for our performance for our Cultural Festival in our school and in other places. Then after that, I'm already busy on editing our upcoming videos and, I missed my family!

    We spend our time together in Japanese Park 1, where we gathered and one of VIP member, ησтσяισυѕ joined us on picture taking and a girl when we went to Bry's room 2. It was so fun and I did felt that I missed them so much and I'm promising that I'll spend my time with them just after our video is finished.

    Oh by the way, VIPico will be having the first-ever party on Sunday! But we still haven't put some guidelines regarding the event. But we are reminding everyone that it'll be strict. Just stay tune for our upcoming blog post for more information. Thank You!

-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile


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