I was supposed to get busy today, but then, my lovely friends visited me and I'm feeling that I missed them so much after I deleted my exceeded buddies. I'm feeling that it's been a long time since I spend my time with my friends. I've been really busy these past few day in real and I'm loosing my time to do what I usually do in pico, blog, chat, make friends and spend time with them.

Photo taken by BryWIJ Étoile

    It was really fun being black! I remembered the time when iTribe is still active! We take pictures like we are in stone age, but not dark skin.... only the dress and it was really fun! I missed them! ♥ Aren't we cute? I think black is not bad at all! It's actually unique, since most of the colors of picos r white, black r rare. Well ,I love this picture so much! This is one of my most memorable memory in my Pico Life!

-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile


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