The New Red Queen's Castle!

.: Dream Castle Room Contest Entry:.

    This is the latest Room design of my Room 3, also known as Red Queen's castle. This room may not be full of red but still, I tried to put hearts and some red stuffs for it. As soon as I heard about the room contest, I didn't hesitated to rebuild this room and enter the Room contest. I've been wanting to join room contest for long.

    1st Room Contest - I was addicted on playing in Reversi that time and I was surprised when one of my friend, fuzamo was one of the winners. Tho, I don't really check the infos that time because I pnly care in reversi! Click here to know more about fuzamo : 1 YEAR on Ameba Pico! & Old Friend

    2nd Room Contest -  I didn't won because of lacking of blocks and stuffs for my room (the time before I build Alice in wonderland and my friend Jusun won..

    3rd Room Contest - I made my room 1, the Alice in wonderland forest with a Christmas design but I wasn't able to submit it because I was on vacation ;( and one of my friends again, Gira won.

    So for the 4th time, I am not going to let my chance go anymore. I spent 2,000 Ameba Gold and about 20,000 gummies. So I hope I win! So please check out my URL entry and support me by clicking likes and sharing to your friends!

Thank You!

-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile


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