Everyone knows that there's Happy Oliver event for two days this week. at night club and I remember that time when I won about a year ago. I reminisced those times with Bry.  HAPPY OLIVER at NIGHT CLUB when I never expected that ill be in HAPPY OLIVER WINNERS

    That was actually flattering words. It actually cheered me up. I never expected that someone's appreciating me around and someone will tell me such a thing in my virtual life XD

    Well, he said, that time, he was about to quit pico until he met me and then we make a group and that's the start of everything. Well, I didn't know that he was about to quit because he never tell me, I didn't because he never gave me a hint.

    It's really happy to think to have a friend in virtual world and you know them for a year. Because it's like, even you're just in a virtual game, the friendship will still go on and on. On friendship, not just knowing each other is important, but also understanding. W/o understanding, you're friendship won't stay long. If that happen, means you don't have the loyalty.

    Thanks Bry.

-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile


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