After getting busy all time these past few weeks; exmination, club activity, dance performances, blogs and etc. It's been a while since I spend my time with my dear Étoiles. I really missed them so much and I'm really happy because they were doing great in the times I'm busy.

    So I asked the online Étoiles to come in to my room and then, MaRie Étoile, Crystal Étoile, Selly Étoile, Miyuki Étoile, Yumi Étoile, Rose Étoile, YaSuo Étoile and Jean Royal Étoile came. Well, my internet connection were bad that time and I was surprised when the two boys were gone and only the girls left but Yumi and Miyuki were AFK and Rose poof as well so only the 5 of us took a pic.

    Well, actually... things didn't went so easy today specially with the two boys. So after we took a pic, we followed them to YaSuo's room. Many things happen and we talked so many stuffs today. I have to make those boys calm down but it was hard but I understand them because I considered their reason, reasonable. And so after everything when it is quite fine... I just asked them to go to my room and have picture taking after long time.

    Fifteen Étoiles. It's been a while since we gathered like this. The last time we were 15 on the pic was actually 4 months ago inside the golden room of Happy Clover a.k.a Neko-Reborn-É who has a fashion show room right now. And What makes me happy is that Anna is here. I hope that the next time we take a pic again, we are complete together with the half Étoiles.

    And after everything, when I was doing the Just a Dream video, I received an emergency message from cookie so I rush and went to her place. When I knew that she was fine already. We just chat there in side her room and I raced with Mimi, Flying Carpet X Escargot haha. Well the speed were actually the same so tie XD. Also, the girl beside mimi is actually Blondy É. It's nice to see her  after long XD

-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile


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