Free Time

    Do you know who are they? They are one of the twins in our family, Étoile. They ar Cat Étoile and Chu Étoile. Well, it's been a while since I bond with these two. The buddy list error affected me so much and before it happen, Chu wasn't around because there was a typhoon in their place long time ago. And even after she's back, our time doesn't reeally match together with Cat but since two weeks ago I could already see both of them around even the buddy isn't fixed yet. It was fun to be with them. I could feel and remember our past memories. We used to be togther around pico and it's been a while since I make an article together with them in this blog. Lol 

    Also, today... it's been a while since I saw this guy! You know him? He is HՁO! he is actually the owner of La tour Eiffel or Eiffel Tower . I met him like 5 months ago and became friends. He was introduced by Neko-Reborn-É (Happy Clover that time). Well he's actually nice and a very busy person. And he's always offline status even though he is online in pico. ooopps :X Well that's the truth. That's hy I thought that he already deleted me cuz I never see him XD

    And he's starting to go back in hot 30! So don't forget to support him :D

-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile


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