Royal Service

 Have you already heard the Latest news about Casino Area announced by Chloe?!

"Today, I have two happy news for all Picos! The first one is a release of new Casino Lucky Stone Item.

New Casino Stone Item : Royal Service

What happens when you have this stone? A FACE CARD will always appear on your second card! You will definitely able to get a Black Jack, easier than before!!
*Please keep in mind that this stone works only when the first card is 7 or above.

There are specific stones for Beginner, Normal, and High-Roller areas. Each stone is usable only in its designated area, so be sure to purchase the correct stone!
Now the second good news is items released from Jill’s Shop"

    This is actually one of my most unawaited item in casino! I've been waiting for this because this is actually my  favorite stone ever! Well, yeah, it's because that I love to play Black Jack... well,.. who don't? And by using this stone will help you win faster, but still... I don't really advice you to use it every time because it doesnt mean by using this stone, you can always win. Remember that you can still bust or loose with the dealer. So I hope you use it on a smart way :)

    Also, don't forget to check Jill's Shop! This is actually my sis' most favorite outfit of casino! She's actually used to wear this outfit on Ameba Pigg.

Cards Motif Clothing!

Enjoy your play on Black Jack!

-MiaRi Étoile


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