Hello everyone! We would like to share a news to you. Our page was reported and disabled today by 0:00/12:00AM. We have received a notice from Facebook that we have done something that is against their rules.

    Obviously, this has something to do of what happened last time from February 29 between us and Ameba Pico Bears. Things were uncontrolled and it made me, MaiRie Étoile got a reason why I uploaded that album. It was all because of circumstances, situation that people are judging us w/o knowing anything. Uploading and making that album was obviously on purpose, not for own but for everyone to know what happened and happening and not to judge only one side.

    Yesterday night, March 5, 2012. Clive apologized sincerely in public in our page and we just let things and drop the situation out and forget. I had talked to him privately, inside Alice in Wonderland clearing that I'm fully fine and everything was enough already. Then today, when I woke up, not just me but also Mia and Bry who were the admins of the page received this notice and obviously our page was reported by someone who's doing it on purpose. Facebook took my action, uploading the proofs to show what happened as an offensive action.

    MxM are not just the page of us were deleted but also the SAC(Stop Ameba Cheat), PAN (Protect Ameba Newbies) and Anti-Hack were deleted as well. Since Bry was an Admin of MXM, his page of Navy Pico 6 were disabled. And just these past few days, I started managing iDomo's Facebook Page and made me an admin and since it's connected to me, the admin of MXM it was disabled too. Basically, 5 of our pages were disabled and probably won't be able to get them back.

    Obviously, someone reported us on purpose about the previous circumstances. Facebook took an action about it and disabled not just MXM but s well of our other pages since they are connected. I feel sad, loosing our memories, pictures. Mad, because that person who reported us only thinking for his/her own selfishness. And I feel pity to that person who made a careless action obviously who's jealous about us and I have a message to that person.

    I feel pity of you. You are such a low type of person, childish doing an careless action. You just only think of yourself. If you are happy now because we got few likes, well, those likes you're really such a low type of person. Remember that it won't change of what and who we are now. Loosing our likes won't change what we have earned. Those are only likes which can be earned again. We still have those supporters who will continuously support and will be there for us. I'm mad at you, making our memories gone with our family, friends and supporters. I know that there will be people will who are mature enough to understand, who will understand why I talk like this now. Yes, I'm mad but I accept what happened today. And I know people will understand how stupid you are acting unprofessional, immature. I know something will happen to you, which is called "Karma".

    So we have created a new page https://www.facebook.com/Etoile.Royal . To all of our readers, blog followers, supporters. Please help us to get back what we have lost. We have been helping, sharing things to people for long so maybe this is the time for us we ask a little help by LIKING and SHARING this on your facebook or blog..Also, please read our Welcome Note.

    Lastly, if we have links connected to our old page on this blog, on our youtube chanel that won't work, please remember that the apge was deleted today. Thank You!

☆★Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile & MiaRi Étoile


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