Pico Grammy Awards


    Okay, so as usual. I missed the Awarding for the second time! Just that, in Japan it's 9:00AM and they always held the ceremony by that time /sad. Besides, I saw the announcement JUST when I woke up, means, I wasn't really prepared. So yeah, we I went to the venue, no one was there and I was like 'forever alone' mode inside. XD Thanks to Faith Étoile for updating me, telling me the results and for the picture!<3

Pico Grammy Awards Result
Best Twins-Mai and Mia
Best Magazine-AmePico Magazine
Best Room-Badheat
Most Fans-Mai and Mia
Best Pages/Blogs-Mai and Mia
Best Entertainment-Pico Street Dancers
Best Female Pico-Badheat
Best Male Pico-Kerby
Best Band-PRB
Best Family-Étoile

    Thank you very much for supporting Étoiles! We owe everyone for the titles we are recieving. Thank You very much!

☆Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile


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