Pink Escargot

     After a long long time of wanting to have this on pico! There were even gossips about this, edited picture by someone and people who can change their red esca to pink. Ameba Pico Staff said once that they weren't planning to release other colors  of escargot that time and I couldn't beleive it when it's officially here! YAY


    Is the prize. Waah! I even spent my casino dollars last time on buying 30 30,000 chairs for Étoiles last time and in total it was 900,000C$! I has morethan two million dollars that time and just waste them and I had to earn again to get the amount that I lack. And yeah! Finally got it<3

    So you guys shouldn't miss this one too! It's limited and it's only till April 1, 2012! Hurry and run to casino now and start to save as soon as possible!

☆Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile 


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