Play Animal Land and get free Token!!


Requirements to get Free Token(s)

1. Reach level 10 in Animal Land and spend at least 50 FBC during the term
->1 Free Token
2. Reach level 13 in Animal Land and spend at least 100 FBC during the term
->2 Tokens
3. Reach level 15 in Animal Land and spend at least 200 FBC during the term
-> 3 Free Tokens

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     I'm soooooo disappointed every time Ameba Pico campaigns their other game and in exchange of that, you'll have tokens. FREE TOKENS lol. Of course... tokens are free.. if we buy tokens using AG.. that's legit and it's obviously impossible for us to get tokens through buying Gummies since we get tokens through GM Gacha, right?

    Just that, won't it make you wonder why Ameba Pico removed daily scratch card, gummy meter and other stuffs? Was the reason was about this? That's... hilarious! Well, I understand that this was for them to campaign their other games but,removing meters and tokens? No way! Until now, I'm so against about it! Because now, to earn gummies we need to find picos who has less props and rings. Hmm, was that because they want us to make friends to other people and spread our selves? -3- I don't find that a reason.

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MiaRi Étoile 


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