Black Jack High Roller

    So we were in the Black Jack today, I was BJ-ing, Mai was slotting (AFK) and yeah, it was crowded X_X People who came to see us were cheering their friends, Me, Mai and other Étoiles who were there like, Faith, iDomo, Jad, Eric, Ape and others~ and it was so fun because, it's been a while since I played black jack and with Étoiles! YAY!

    So yeah, people were cheering me and to be true, I won easier then before. Was it because I'm having fun? Or people were cheering me? Or I'm just in the mood on playing? XD Oh well, that was really fun! I hope it happens again <3

    Now, I more prefer BJ Challenge than slot because it BJ, you can talk to people who's around you.. unlike in slot.. tiring on clicking and it just made us AFK instead and do other things in real. Oh well... I hope others who wants the challenge to get finish will finish it too! *0*

★Étoile Sisters
MiaRi Étoile


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