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    I know most of the people in our page is aware of whats happening now Since yesterday. Just that I can't hold my temper anymore. I actually made an album about what's happening and the flow of the arguments. Please check this first if you don't know the story. Bear and Etoile.

    Basically, this was started with last Wednesday night (Japan Time) when I saw Clive's comment on youtube and I find it offending because Mia was asking nicely, wondering around while Clive started on insulting us and drag in our family who doesn't really have to do with it.

    Things went uncontrolled when I tried to explain why we don't reply to people's messages. Gonna say it again, there are so many messages we receive each day and I believe that we don't really have to answer every questions we receive right? Because there will be people who will answer it to us. But why was Clive was so high and mad for those people that we didn't reply? He said because we are so arrogant and selfish.

    So Heidi finally speak: Make Peace not War

I want to share this for you guys to clear my name, make peace and also at the end of it, My letter for for Etoiles
1. They say we didn't apologize
I want to show you how many times we apologize to them
They are just blind because they are busy posting bad and rude comments in my post that's why maybe they didn't notice."

    First of all, Before this post, Clive insulted us and drag in my family for the 2nd time. He keep on saying that we are arrogant but even we are like that, they forgive us. That "forgive" is an insult to us. If you see our comments, we did nothing to them from the first place. We were just asking. so I started on explaining explaining explaining and trying to drag out other people who doesn't have anything to do with this. If you, reader who's in our place, you know you did nothing wrong and you'll be forgiven by someone who said something to you, how would you feel? But it seems like Clive isn't considering my explanation until he deleted the comments on Youtube.

    So, from this part I got pissed off to them saying we should apologize too but if u read all those linked images. I was just explaining and said nothing rude. Did I?

    So here's this Heidi's post came out.
    This time, not just me who got pissed of with Heidi's words but also Tita Ayame. So the me who's trying to explain turned out to be the starter of the fight.

"We stop already and yet they don't stop and still wants to meet us
For what? War?"
-Heidi, remember it's on your page, don't you think its more offensive if we post it on our page? Things will just get bigger, don't you think? Its better to reply directly than not. Also, we are not starting the fight, we are explaining how things are. Can't you see? We are full of whys. 

"We don't like war and we are not like you guys
I always wanted peace"
-Who would want a war Heidi? Didn't you saw my comment to Clive? I posted this, 4 hours ago(and I think this isn't the only time I said this, when I saw your tag on fan page 15 minutes ago). That's why we asked first to know the problem unlike you and Clive accusing us w/o knowing our side.

"deleting the proof just to calm the case"
-Don't you think leaving it there would be better? Than you look like guilty by deleting it? Seems like you don't want other people to see how we talked.

Then she explained what happened...
-When I asked Indy, he said he never receive any reply from you after he said sorry. That investigation thing... shouldn't be really a big deal for you since Indy will find out nothing right? But you made it a big deal at your age Ate Heidi you should be more understanding don't you think?

"I first know u guys u are kind and now what r u showing us?"
-Hello Heidi? We are just explaining? Can't you consider that?!

"Yes I am sensitive coz I have a hear and its not made of stone
Do you think who needs to apologize?"
-Heidi, I am not a heartless one that's why I'm getting mad of what you are saying to us! Look what Clive said? Of  course I would get mad! Ain't go gonna get mad if someone said that to your family? Specially when they don't have to do with this? Besides, Indy apologize from immediately. I just explained my side about Mia's and never say a swearing words. And there were misunderstanding between you and tita Ayame which I can't answer with this. I don't want to get in your problem but you see Heidi. I keep on asking you, did u ever accept his apology?

"I and Clive apologize even its our fault or not -_-"
-Behalf on your apology, you're saying its our fault as well. Basically, Indy's issue was out of this cuz It started when I asked a question about Mia's comment then you guys brag the old Issue that's related with Indy. So me? Nothing to say sorry. With you and Tita Ayame? Maybe you did said too much to her. Also, come to think of this Heidi. From the first place, to me and Mia, this has nothing to do with you it was Clive and Mia then Me. You just posted this like you were in the issue too. So basically, you were still considering Indy right?

So saying you forgive us did pissed me off. How many times should I say that I never accused you and the one who accused you apologized already! Leave that guy alone x.x
    Saying that investigating our posers and haters are quite out of this. I told you the reason right? Also, you did apologize but you still keep on saying we should too. And No way! Sorry for being stubborn but I asked u many times to convince us. Tell us what we did?

    Clieve, don't drag others. We were talking to you and you let your Heidi to answer us now she's in as well. So basically its only you and Heidi... not Pico bears. And now you seemed like you talk heads up saying "what we think is wrong and what yah think is right" What did we do wrong Clive? Being sensitive on your post on youtube? Mia asked you politely? We tried to explain?

    So this is Clive's first post after Heidi. First of all, we are not turning the tables to your Heidi, its her who answered my questions isn't? Its Heidi herself entered the misunderstanding between you, Mia and I asking you your problem. Before you apologize, you called us arrogant and want us to apologize for being an arrogant? (WHEN? O_O) Oh please, it's not our problem okay? You keep on dragging Indy's family to his own problem though it was supposed to be related here but you keep on dragging it in. Also, you Clive. I feel shame on you look how you treat a kid >< Sorry Indy, I don't really want you to call a kid I can't take it when Clive say this. Obviously you didn't accept Indy's apology that's why you keep on dragging this in. Why so mad in being investigated. What's the big deal if he can't get anything. Really what? ><

    So basically, in this part, the Whys of Me and Mia turned out to Indy's Issue and Heidi Never said they forgive this kid. Really, what's this?


2. But in their part did they say sorry for the rude and mean comments they posted to all of my peace post? Yes Indy say sorry and even Clive forgive him
(01:07) -Clive-: imma love heidi and i aint wanna see her sad duh
(01:07) -Clive-: and hurtin
(01:07) Indy Étoile: yes
(01:07) StarGang: lol
(01:07) Indy Étoile: u told
(01:07) Indy Étoile: this thousand tiems
(01:07) StarGang: just lets all make videos
(01:07) -Clive-: thats for the best
(01:07) StarGang: coz bro
(01:07) Indy Étoile: i need to leave u all alone
(01:07) Indy Étoile: 'w'
(01:08) StarGang: none of us
(01:08) StarGang: earning something by making videos
(01:08) Indy Étoile: ikrrrrrrr omg sorry
(01:08) Indy Étoile: i said sorry
(01:08) Indy Étoile: so many times
(01:08) Indy Étoile: in fb chat
(01:08) -Clive-: imma forgive what yah dude but please dude stop spreadin rumors
I'm sorry Mai I didn't give this info to you because I know you will do something

but in the end look he is beary mean. But did he say sorry for this? We never insult Indy

    Can't you hear your self Heidi? You are judging me. FYI, I'm not like you who keep on accusing someone w/o a proper reason. Also, I would agree of Indy what said there. Did you ever consider our explanations to you? I don't mind if Indy said "Fuck" word there... who said it first anyway? See, you made the kid so upset. Should I start counting on how many times I repeated an explanation?

    Besides, why it should be Clive to forgive Indy and not Heidi? That issue is really about those too. I understand if Clive will get mad too cuz it's just same situation as now. But I don't think Clive should be the one to forgive our Indy.


3. They say we didn't forgive, think again:
(01:08) Indy Étoile: i said sorry
(01:08) Indy Étoile: so many times
(01:08) Indy Étoile: in fb chat
(01:08) -Clive-: imma forgive what yah dude but please dude stop spreadin rumors

    Sometimes, you just have to respond as soon as possible not like this when the issue is getting big. You just forgive him after 5 to 6 days? Means you guys have been ignoring Indy that long?



4. They also mention they we talk off your backs. Kindly look at our page please. Ameba Pico Bear Page

Only I respond good comments to it not bad comments like what they are doing to their page. I want only peace guys. I'm sure they do off our back talks.
     That they are the picos who saw you guys. There were no print screen so how I could believe that easy? Besides, "talk off our backs" means talking about us when we are not around obviously, you can't talk about us where we are... What does facebook chat, pico, whisper and more doing?  What are those bad comments you saying? So the stuffs we explained consider as bad comments now?


    How many times should I say I don't want arguments either? Maybe next time Clive should tell nice and polite responses not like he's accusing and swearing from the first place?


5. They say we did not respect them because I ban them on my page. But I tell you guys did they respect me? Guys all I want is peace and my page is not a hate page. On their page did I ever comment rude and bad comments? Of all their bad and rude comments they posted do you think it is good? Look at my page now without their presence it is beary peaceful. I delete those comments for the good of all. Children must not see fights or else they will grow warfreaks and rebels. I delete those proof on my page because you say so but what did they do?

    Want me to mention others besides on banning us? As you said "we" means Clive have also something to do with this, isn't he? First, you never consider our explanation, Second, how many times did Clive insult us? There are more Heidi. Don't wanna mention all. You are really disappointing even Clive who should have acted like our older brothers and sisters, if you just had a mature way of thinking from the first place.

Stop saying like we posted bad comments to you. Bad comments are "You are arrogant, selfish, devil" don't you think?

    Heidi, how many times we explained for you and Clive to understand. You even made an album showing the comments of ours offended you. I don't think our opinions are bad comments and for being stubborn not to apologize to you. Think first Heidi before post these things. You seemed like showing that its all our fault. You think? We were just asking at first and Clive started on insulting. How could your children become a good one if they are seeing incomplete information, lack of knowledge? You think your children will become a good one too if they judge us with those lacking information of yours?

    Yes Heidi, you did deleted the post. We were silent in our page but, Did you know what you posted while I was in school?

    We thought that it already ended yesterday.. but posting this like we are the bad one? And If I am not mistaken, this has something to do to the people who got banned in your page. Isn't? Banning the non-fans of you? To remove their freedom of speech to tell their opinions? Look at the comments Heidi, Clive...

    What are you saying? What do you mean with this? People are being clueless and we will just let them? No, that's the reason I posted that album. To let people judge. Aren't you the one who said it so? "Let the people see who is bad". So what ever happens, I'm letting that album there forever.

For Etoiles:

We love you guys <3 On our part we say it many times and I want to say it again Sorry with all our heart . I miss the old Etoiles we know ;( Now you seem to be different. We can't just face you because we all know you are going to hurt us with your rude words, insult us and post a picture of us in your blog and page now that we know your attitude. Just like what happen yesterday when we try to make peace and u guys will throw bad and rude comments. You know how much I cried last night because I am your big fan and I prayed to God that may you find peace in your hearts.

Please be at peace now
I'm sorry for all the wrong we have done and whatever it is that bugs your mind

Even if you guys can't apologize we forgive all that you have done wrong to us

We love you guys from the bottom of our hearts

-Heidi and Clive-

    Heidi and Clive, Just to let you know,  I don't save those bad feelings inside of me. When I already tell what I want to say when I'm mad. I'm already fine. That why I thought it ended last night. Don't assume you are not forgiven. Besides this is the first apology sounded like you admit it. Cuz in your page, after your apology, you keep on saying we should apologize too and all this time, even tita Ayame, wondering what we should be sorry for regarding our explanations and opinions in every post of you that we had replied. We might be nice but not when we get mad. Who's nice when he/she get's mad? I hope on this post, you will understand how was things in our side already? Also, what do you mean we are going to hurt you with rude words? *Clears throat*, insult you? and post a picture... Well you guys already know why I made that album, I don't want to repeat. And I hope that you don't consider this post as an insult to you Heidi and Clive. And you're not just the one who cried here :) And I'm hoping that we won't be sounded like we are that bad with your words to your fans, in your page. I hope they understand us as well.

Really, God Bless. Peace be with you always.
Hope you will understand someone's opinion if you got another arguments.
I never expected to argue to someone who's older than us, really.
We just want an understanding from someone who's older than us.

If you just know how happy I am to see your last message. At least you didn't throw offending comments after your apology. Thank you Heidi and Clive. More than that, even we had a hard time on explaining, we don't stuck those bad feelings inside us so I hope you'll feel that how much I forgot and forgive on what happened last night. 

We also apologize of everything. if you and Clive find our explanation, defense in a offensive way. I hope that you also forgive the people who you banned, the non-Étoiles of what they had said to you.

We love you more than you think how much I said it.
Also, thank you for keeping supporting Étoiles even we had an argument.



CєƖєѕтιαƖ said...

Your welcome, Étoiles :)
I'm always positive about my actions, especially when it can defend other people - it just lets me feel better than hiding behind something.
I love you too, more than you think how much I said it XD
<3 <3 <3

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OMG OMG OMG!! Iam a biggest fan of heidi i wish i could be in 1 of her vid

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