Finally the 2nd Anniversary passed and surely, no more updates from now about this year's Anniversary Celebration. Didn't really expect that this year's anniversary's items would be that expensive. We thought the prize would be just like last year, anniversary items in cheap prizes!

    So here's the review between the 1st and 2nd Anniversary.

1st Anniversary

1st Anniversary AG Campaign!!

[1st Anniv. Event] 3/8 Discount Black Tiger!!

[1st Anniv. Event] Happy Oliver Campaign!!

 Giving Away Ameba Gold for Three Days!

[1st Anniv Event] 2/24~3/3 Recycling Campaign!!

Another Discount time! Recycle your items for 50 Gummies!

[1st Anniv Event] Sweet & Yummy! 1st Anniversary Park!!

[1st Anniv Event] 2/28~3/4 Special Daily Discount

Regarding Items for Anniversary Gift Box

 100 Ameba Gold each

[Quest] Be a NINJA!! Come to Jokamachi!

1st Anniversary Quest at Jokomachi

[1st Anniv Event] Anniversary Limited Items!!!

Dresses, Corsage, Suit and Bear for 100AG
Crown for 10,000GM
Others for Tokens

[1st Aniv Event] NY Downtown in Celebration!

1st Anniversary "Ring"
慈羽姫のHigh-Pブログ-MINARET-楽しいピグライフ お役立ち 裏技 エリア情報 shop情報

Chloe's House

2nd Anniversary

Happy Birthday to Pico World!!

[AG campaign] Handhold Pierrot!!



[New] 2nd Anniversary Special Dress!!

[WIGS] New Party Wigs Available!!!!

[2nd Anniv] Spin 2nd Anniversary GM Gacha!

[2nd Anniv] Get Surprise Gift Box!!

[SALE!] Popular Gachas 20% OFF! 7:30am~11:30am (GMT)

[2nd Anniv] Spin 2nd Anniversary GM Gacha!

[SLOT] 2nd Anniversary Festival Challenge!

    See? The 2nd Anniversary is like more on about money. For them to earn money. To make their users buy Ameba Gold for their are calling "Limited Items". Things was better in 1st Anniversary than 2nd, which was really disappointing :/ They sell premium items (AG Items) intead of gummies like a SUPER SALE but they didnt :(  Yeah, they do give 5x, 10x, 12x but those challenges are really hard than the past ones, still for their users to buy stones and perfumes for their so called getting-the-items-easier. I think what they did in 2nd Anniversary wasn't really enough to be better for the celebration last year. Tokens, gummies are really useless now.

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