Strawberry Sisters

    Hello everyone! Another premium items~ Today, Ameba Pico released new wigs and outfit and me and our little sister, Kenzie bought the new wigs and outfit! Lol. The dress looks like a cake

 0 3 0! I LOVE CAKES!

    I love sweets in real life, like chocolate and cakes~ If you guys just know how much I ate sweets when they are in front of me XD Lol And there is Mai. She finally got the strawberry gacha wig and the hoodie that she wanted. She was like... "MIA~ *0*" when she came to me and show. haha. Such a cute twinnie<3

    So I think you guys shouldn't miss this. Specially the wigs! You know what? Prom is comming soon so you better  prepare your hair and clothes!

★Étoile Sisters
MiaRi Étoile 


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