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29 Étoiles
    I never wanted this. I never wanted a family member who'll quit. But I just can't hold someone's decision but to accept it. Before everything, I explained to her that I don't want her to leave the family because there were circumstances happened few days ago and I don't want her to consider it as a reason to leave her family. But I don't want her to feel she's on hold. I still wanted her to decide for her self. I don't want Étoile will be the reason for her to feel like stucked with something and can't move freely. She'll need this decision not just for her virtual life, but also it's something about personal in Real.

     AYA  Étoile is officially a non-Étoile. Actually, Aya have been telling me, us that she wants to quit the family whenever something happens negative when it comes about her love life. Some people know what I'm talking about and I just don't want this to be mainstream to people and publish since this is something about her privacy and I don't want to take an action and I don't have the right to say it from me.

    On facebook, she message me about this and I was really surprised. I told her that I'm not actually considering it as a reason for her to quit the family since, when you based it in real, when your Mom and Dad divorced, your parents will be still your parents. And yea, I'm basing it on that. Just to let you know that, for me, Étoile isn't just a family member in virtual life but it's also a family for me in real. Then, she said,she won't leaving anymore but it sounded like she's not comfortable about it. So I told her that, she doesn't have to mind what I said. It's her life, it's her decision and we will accept it and support her what ever it is. But I did tell her that I don't want her to leave the fam, stay and still be part of us, but then...

"Okay then, I'll just quit"

    She said. And yeah, it's really a sad thing. I wanted 30 Étoile members now till the Anniversary of the family and didn't expect someone will leave, specially if she's your "Mom" in the family. Yes. Shocking.

    But then, we promised that we'll still be a family, still be our "mame" and bonds will not change. And I know everything will be fine after this. "Nothing will change nak, you guys can call me whenever you need help. And I won't delete" she promised. Yeah, mame <3

    So yeah, after reading this post. Mainly, I don't want you guys to ask her about why she left the family. I don't want you guys to bother her. Just act normally when you're in front of her and don't ask her about her privacy stuffs. Because whenever she's deciding she'll quit (before), she's receiving A LOT of messages asking her why, what happened.. and who'll be the queen of  Étoile if she leave? Well, actually,.. 


    So before this post ends, please check our Family List.

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