2nd Anniversary Special Dress!!

     Happy 2nd Anniversary Picos! I can't believe that I made it till the 2nd anniversary and I'm so happy! Okay so today, there are new items in Virtual World.

    So I hurriedly bought an Ameba Gold but still have to wait till I get it. It would takes time and I have to be patient! But then... after hours...

    Finally received AG! But, we didn't really know which to buy. Items are expensive and it made us think first! We even asked Étoiles and people in our facebook page to help us on deciding. We even made a poll for it! So I hurriedly told mai so we go shopping together. So yeah. We bought everything there X_X Total of 1,200 Ameba Gold.

    Yeah I know, it's stupid specially buying that 300AG Dress. Actually, we only want crowns... But when we thought that these items are only available for 2nd Anniversary, we didn't hesitate anymore on buying all stuffs >3<

    We spend so much today. Thinking to be wise on the next premium item. Oh, by the way. I had a great time with Miyu and Rose last time!

     And last thing, Mai Changed her room design!<3

★Étoile Sisters
MiaRi Étoile 
[New] 2nd Anniversary Special Dress!!


Brenna said...

Sorry about quitting...its Bree by the way. I was really looking forward to getting to know you better but...stuff happened. D;

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