Valentine's day is here again! I know most of you thinks about "Love", "Couple", "Cupid", "Chocolate" and "forever alone" right? Well, Valentine's day is actually about to celebrate St. Valentine's feast day. He's the Patron Saint of Love, Young People, and Happy Marriage.

    Did you ever know that it's actually a feast day of Christian martyrs? Now, the person who named Valentine's image is like a sexy hot pretty women right? Well, you're all wrong :P

    That's St. Valentine for your information :D


     Cupid means 'Desire' in Latin word.  He's the God of Desire, Affection and Erotic love in Roman Mythology. He's often portrayed as Venus' son. She's the Goddess of Love(beauty, sex, fertility, prosperity and military victory) in Roman Beliefs.

    St. Valentine and Cupid are really different from religious beliefs but they are having one symbol when the month of love comes.

    Oh well, today, ameba pico released new stuffs again! And they are so cool than last year! Also, I really love it because of "heart". You know, Alice in Wonderland xD Hahaha!! So fly with us together in a hot air balloon and don't miss the new items for this Month of Love!

☆★Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile & MiaRi Étoile 


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