Noble Challenge

    A new Slot Challenge for this month was released yesterday! It was really hard to get and we spent 1,000Ameba Gold on buying stones and perfumes but still we didn't get it that fast. 4x Didn't really help. Pico is like, making the challenge hard when it's something nice and when it's like a random one, they give the limited item fasts. X_X Okay, so enjoy on playing, it's hard. They didn't put much of perfumes and stones either :(
February 24th~March 1st (23:59 GMT)

in Slot Area

Win C$1,000(from the start)
→ Almighty One x5

Win C$10,000(from the start)
→Almighty Three x 10

Win C$50,000 (from the start)
→Noble Chair

Win C$150,000 (from the start)
→Noble Floor, Noble Wall

Win C$ 200,000(from the start)
→Noble Dress, Noble Classic Hat, Noble Window

Win C$ 200,000(from the start)
→Noble Outfit, Noble Gentleman Hat, Noble Window

Étoile Sisters
MiaRi Étoile 


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