Art of Troll

    2hours ago. Mia and I had a fake-fight in the page. People who saw it were really surprised, seeing us fighting for the first time and it's in public. We were like quitting everything we have in Ameba Pico and get a better life in Real. At first, we only had few comments until finally, it became a mainstream within a minute. Some people didn't fell for it but most of them did. They were all like "OMG DON'T QUIT!" "What will happen to Étoiles if you guys are gone?" "no way! This is so impossible" and then we started on receiving messages, questions and guess what! Étoiles were trolled as well. Some of them are Rose Étoile, BryWIJ Étoile, Faith Étoile, Crystal Étoile and who others?

    But let us say this, the trolling was a big hard decision for us. We were afraid that facebook might delete our page again because of the trolling stuff and they'll end up being un-understanding again. I don't wanna happen that. So we were nervous within 2 hours doing the drama. But then, it was really successful. We trolled hundreds of people within a short time! LOL. But within the short time, we saw how much people cared for us, love us, supporting us and doesn't want up to break up like that. Even Rose Étoile called me in face time, worrying of what's happening and stuff. While Bry Étoile was in Mia's room and he was like "hey wth is happening?!" :)) Bry so easy to troll XDD As usual ;)
     Within the time we are trolling, we were offline and locked our room. Don't wanna receive messages because it's really early. 11:50PM/23:50 Mia and I went online and started making events and bashed each other. I received messages and whisper who were online. At the same time, people came into my room. The same thing happen to Mia

    On the post of Mia about she's quitting, we said there "Who cares if we were fighting? It's April Fools" and then people ended up like "omg, I got trolled" and "you got me!"
    but some where.. "I thought so!" or "I did doubted". Lol, but even it was already end, there well people who was still fell for it! AWESOME <3

    Ohh btw, tita Ayame got fooled as well :P She ended up worrying of what's happening too XD

    If you weren't trolled by us. Well, congratulations! But good luck when it's from other people. Get aware today! It's APRIL FOOLS!!!

☆Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile


℃♄ї♄їяø said...

One of my favorite singers did that too... she mad a video of her fake crying that her haters called her ugly and she can't sing. But when i read her description i got trolled xP

you guys are not fragile like that.. also her because she made a song about it.
cuz im not fragile like that

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