VE Graduation Special Guest

Congratulations Graduates!

    Yesterday, was VE members' gruaduates party. For the second time, they invited me to be a guest in their event and I gave an speech. I wasn't really prepared at all but I just gave them a meaningful speech. For sudden, I felt young. You see, those graduates were just 16 years old and I'm turning 18 this year and still not yet graduate in high school. I felt young because of that. XD

    I would like to congratulate the other graduates for this year in real life! Elementary, High School or University. You've done very well and there will be more experiences from now on. Keep on doing your best for your success. This year, I probably turn out very busy because I'll be a graduating student and have to prepare for entrance exam, as well as Mia since both of us are just in the same level.

    So yeah, I had fun there in their party. They were all nice and I felt shy because I was the only non-VE member that time. But iDomo Étoile was there since he's a member. Keep on doing your best guys! I'll keep on supporting as long as I can!

☆Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile


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