Seriously, these past few days, Ameba Pico's  Maintenance are really getting usual. Like I really hope that they got an schedule for it and not do it anytime they want. That's stupid. They keep on  doing maintenance but the hacks/cheats are still there. Why don't they just check everything before releasing something?  Than banning their users right after they discover a cheat. Of course, cheating is a very tempting act and I know admins are aware about that. And behind of it, those cheaters just want to get items that they really can't if they don't and aside from that, they don't want to get ban after all. Do risky things and you're lucky if you are safe.

    Really admins, fix your game. It sucks already. It's just full of expensive stuffs in it unlike before. Don't tempt your users for money. Didn't you admins say;

"We are doing anything for a fun game play in Ameba Pico"?

★Étoile Sisters
MiaRi Étoile


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