É Secrets Part #5

    Hello there! I'm Mia. Oh, did I have to introduce? XD Well anyway, I'm here again to teach you one of our secrets! So are you ready? I hope you feel excited now?

    This time, I'm going to teach you on how to WINK!

    Well, many people were asking about this for long since our first picture related to this tutorial was in November 2011; Royal Game it became mainstream to people on how we are doing it. Like usual, they thought it's a cheat. lol. So yeah after 6 months, we will be answering your question about this since other people seemed to be claiming the credits that they discovered it with out giving credits. Pft.

 First Picture of us "winking" from Royal Game Post in November 2011

 Here are the ways on how to do it

 Take 2 pictures of your Pico. One is normal and the other is smiling
Just like on our previous tutorial; É Secrets Part #4, Copy and Paste/Cut the eye you want to make wink (left or right, it's up to you)
 The put it on the same eye on the other picture you want to make wink
And that's it! We are done!
     Oh, by the way... there are two types of wink we got. Type one is the one on the tutorial above and the second one is this: Me, winking

     Steps are all the same just like the Type one, the one on the tutorial. So I hope you enjoyed it. See yah!

 ★Étoile Sisters
 MiaRi Étoile


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