É Secrets Part #4

    Hello everyone! Mia is here and gonna teach you our 4th secret. HOW TO GET NO BRA! Basically, this would only work for female picos

    We've been doing this for long time, since December 2010, Christmas when Ameba Pico released a Christmas Quest and see Santa in the Pet farm.

    First of all, here's some of our old post and mostly are posted by Mai since she's the one who thought me this; Pinoy Picos, Naked Picos and more~ people would say that we are "hacker" or "cheater" but no. We won't put our virtual life and make is risky, think it would be more fun if we do things like that. This is completely on getting naked using a cheating tool. It's all simple.

Wear it and get naked. You'll know the result!

Ready to see?

Here it goes~

T A D A ~

    Haha! And if you want to cover it just like on this blog;Naked Picos, take two pictures of your pico with the same pose and paste it to paint.

Cut or Copy the designated area of the head of your pico.
Paste it on the head of the picture of your pico that wears the hat
Then done!

☆★Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile & MiaRi Étoile


myrtle_sparkle said...

cool but i dunno where to get the hat :"""(

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