Hello everyone! This is MaiRie. Well, I just wanted to apologize that I wasn't able to open VIP yesterday, April 1, 2012. I was thinking that people might think its for April Fools... joke. The true reason is I was busy and had an important thing to do.

    Actually, last month I had an invitation from Stardust. It is a fansubbing group that was formed last year and the invitation was from the founder, Hoshi.

    Since the Anime was one of my favorite, 5 years ago... I didn't hesitate when Hoshi invited me to translate it. I've been always a fan of the anime until now so, why wouldn't I do something for it anyway? I thought. So, yesterday, I prepared everything for the translating... she stuffs I'll be needing on translating the Anime which is Mirumo de Pon. I fixed the fan site I made 5 years ago and updated it's log, announced that there will be release of it's series soon. And as you can see, my name is already written on their staff list.

    I'm so excited and I just finished on translating the anime withing 2-3 hours. Even thought its tiring I did enjoyed it so much. So what I wanted to say it... my time will be more divided than before. Since, school will start on April 6, 2012. I'll be a graduating student for University and I have to focus more about my studies. Mirumo de Pon has 170 episodes so I could say it'll take very long time to finish, but still depends on our speed on working. I'm also saying that, I want you guys to support me with this because I've always wanted to do this for long time. Please support through liking the page:

    The anime is really good, I swear and I know most of you will love it. Please check the fan site I made to know more about it. Check it here -> http://mahounofairymirumodepon.webs.com. So, I want everyone to know I'll be really busy from now on. School (preparation for university) + fan subbing + Ameba Pico. Of course sometime, I'll be going out with my friends and family too so I bet I'll be more devided. So pelase understand if I cant online sometime okay? Or even can't talk.. I'll still do my best to spend my time with everyone since the subbing isn't really have to do everyday. Besides, I can do it within a day. So maybe, for now... there's nothing to worry about. Just want support and letting you guys know :D

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