Past Rooms

    Really, Ameba Pico is so disappointing. Why is there always cheats/hacks in every part of their game? And then they'll ban their users who got tempted to do it? Then, shouldn't they fix it from the first place before the cheating/hacking happens?

    So yeah, today past rooms were opened. Crystal Étoile messaged me about this. Someone were able to access it and it's so stupid. I'm so mad. Disappointed. Well, how about their so called "Rare Items" we hardly get and kept for long and now in public already? No longer rare. It's so stupid that they don't secure their game. It's not that I'm being selfish here but I know the old pico users would understand how I feel.

    Here's some pictures I took on the places which were opened and I was able to visit. Just click the pictures to see the whole picture or tab it.

NYC Anniversary

NYC Christmas 2010

    There were also Prom but not sure what version it was. I wasn't able to go there since there were so many people, as I heard. Oh well. I just, feel so bad about this.

☆Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile


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