Las Vegas Fountain

    Yesterday, I onlined at night after my afternoon nap and I wasn't able to play the GM Gacha and the games which you could bet already. Ameba Pico removed it before I play because of the bug in the games. Yeah, which will make their players earn more gummies.


    I really want to see them as soon as possible that's why I'm hoping that Pico will finish fixing it. I wanna play reversi after a long time! *0*

    So yeah, Pico had more than 6 hours maintenance today. I bet those picos who got billions of gummies left (picos who cheated their gummies and tokens but they didn't lose them) will lose their gummies as well.

    Then yesterday, I went to the Last Vegas Hotel Frontage and there were hundreads of people waiting. I don't know the reason either but there's nothing special there. While people was chatting around.. there was a fountain show. I never knew there was a fountain show in Pico. I'm assuming that, if not, probably someone do the cheat to make it active.

    And I would love to share the video I took while it was going on.

    It was very lag because of the big picos, made in heaven and other cheat stuff. I had to speed it up 100% the reason why it look normal. Besides, it is also to make it shorten and to make the fountain show better. The show happened from 10:00PM/22:00. Probably not accurate because it was lag but the show was like 8 minutes from that time.

     I apologize if there were so many picos while I was taking it. Maybe when I saw it agian, I'll took another one :D Btw. check here the pictures yesterday. It was so fun!

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