2 Years in Pico

    It was 2 years ago when I started Ameba Pico. I wasn't really active at all, I made friends but only few since I only play this game for reversi. I wanted to know how people good are in reversi in Pico comparing to Pigg which I usually play before. But since most of my friends are in pigg. I don't play the game at all. And because of that, I rarely tell my information to people such as my facebook, name, age, country and more. I was secretive and known as mysterious girl in pico.

     Until I met a girl who has the same interest as me. We both like certain Anime Characters and we usually talk about them and we became good friends. Then sometimes, she uses my account to help me make me grand master in reversi. Yeah, Mai loves to help people.

Inside Mai's room
 (Left to Right: Williamhenry, Mako, Me, MaiRie, Anthoni)

    Then until she introduced me to some of her reversi friends and we sometimes meet inside her room. Her friends are really good on the game. And then usually, Mai teaches me the techniques she knows the reason I improved a lot.

    Time came that we are using each other accounts to play reversi and I became Mai's twin. Also Mai taught me on reversi as well.

    Around Last week of June 2010, I started becoming busy in real life the reason why I rarely online, to be true, I quitted. But take note! I was able to attend the Prom 2010!

    Then around last week of September, I came back and I missed many things in the game and Mai decided to give me her 2nd account since it is more updated than mine. Then in October, we decided to make our family name for both of us which is "Étoile". But then,  I still rarely online in the game until March 2011.

    We started the Royal Diary in November 2010 and we made made a lot of posts and tips to help picos. And I just keep on supporting her.

    Until Shianon, my first pet and MiaJiro came into my virtual life. I always dream to have a pet but then were was a time I accidentally bought the AG for it to Mai's account then I lost my interest on having pet. XD

    Then, from 2012, I started becoming more in public.Time came that I thought I have to prove something and I started publishing my information on my facebook on what I am and who I am.

    If you are going to ask me what is the best thing I had in Pico. is the Étoile Family I'm in now. They are always there for me, for each other and it's really fun to be with them, to spend time with them. I may not online that much but there's still the bond between each one of us which is always the same what ever happens. That's what I love now. And the other things is, the people who supports me and I don't really know why.

     Just that, I would like to thank everyone for supporting me, loving me and my family. I don't know how to show how thankful I am but I hope through this paragraph, you, the reader could feel how I feel.

     From now, I'm sure there would be more things will happen in my Pico life. I will be busier this year for university and I think my time for playing will be lessen, lesser than now. Also, I know I'll meet more people and make more friends. I hope everyone would keep on supporting me, us around. And I'm counting for it.

    Love You Guys!

★Étoile Sisters
MiaRi Étoile


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