Pico Rock Band's this month's Live was held in my room (MaiRie Étoile) and all rooms were full. About morethan 100+ picos wasn't able to see their live and I would like to apologize about it. The concert didn't went well but some who were able to watch their performance enjoyed it.

    First, becase there were too many people and my dad, White! Étoile can't enter my room 4 and so, I don't have any choice but to kick the people inside it, tho they don't want to leave. 

    Second, we all know that the 16x16 room's limit is only 20 picos can enter.

    I hope that, everyone understands what ever happens today, specially in my room 4, in the venue. Everyone who were there saw how it was before the concert started. how troublesome to manage the rooms and the people entering it. I hope that everyone knows that PRB members are just normal picos like everyone and cant enter a full room w/o waiting.and me, who can't give a special entering for the performers to enter w/o waithing. Cuz even us, Étoiles, MiaRi Étoile, YaSuo Étoile, Bry Étoile, Yellow! Étoile and others wanted to watch but we just let other people to watch instead, to give a chance than to act for our selves only.

    But then, as I know, there are people who took a video of their concert and they are going to post it on YT (youtube) and even Ayame Étoile have one (as I know) so if you missed it, just watch the vid they took for everyone to see their performance!

Thank You for understanding and I hope you keep on supporting us.

-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile X MiaRi Étoile


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