First Contest

    Hello again our dear friends!! We would like to tell everyone that there is also an on going event and it jsut started today! It's iDomo's Photo contest and this is his first ever contest for everyone who's loving him.
How to join the event: "Photo Contest"

1.Take your photo having fun at "Panda's Room" and post it to iDomo Étoile's Page.
2.Submit atleast 2 photos.
3.Submit the entries on or before August 20,2011 (Saturday).
4.The winners will be announced on August 21,2011 (Sunday).
5.Photos will be chosen by me(iDomo).


115 Ameba Gold and a 3 Days supplies of Food.
The Ameba Gold will be given through Zong.
worth 580 purchased through ZONG.
Also, Don't forget to join MaiRie X MiaRi's Event!

-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile X MiaRi Étoile


Lylia~Song said...

Just asking, how do you give out AG like that?

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