Birday Heureux


    Today is my `Lil bro and my our dad`s bday! Yay! Yasuo just turned 11 and dad just turned.... 2*!! hahah! Well, it was early morning when4 of use get online and we took a picture inside our castle a.k.a Red Queen`s castle. Yasuo seemed so busy with his other sibling that time that`s why we didin`t spend our time so much :|

    PR`s N visited us right after Yasuo left and Kyuli came and sit beside Marie. Lol. N looks funny here.. he`s in the middle. We`re all actually AFK and he`s the only one smilling so big XD haha!

    As soon as our dad get online. MaRie and I visited him into his house and greet him a Happy Birthday!! I actually sang the Happy Birthday song... and they I told him his happy 2* birthday and he kept on whining..and told me I`m wrong with his age. Wel.. >_> That`s what he told me as I remember :X

    And the dinner time came and Étoiles came into my room to celebrate the King`s and Prince birthday. This is the first time we came.. complete :O Hahaha Lol! I`m really happy! This is my new favorite picture XD


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