This post is about the updates of bugs,hacks and cheat issue and doesn`t contain about on  how to do it. We`ve been investigating these issues for long and now it`s confirmed. If you are not believing about it, please stop reading now.

Room Favorites

    The hacking issue about Room Favorites  is true. It`s not an error. But just this week, the bug/hack have been fixed buy the Admins of Ameba Pico. So  if you are planning to be in Hot 30, don`t be scared... just enter the top 30! It`s 100% safe now. And for those people who are going to try to hack, you`ll just fail ...it`s useless unless there is another way on doing it. And to make it clear, the issue about the decor items/clothes are missing is not true. This is confirmed by my friend who discovered on how the hackers are doing it, he`s one of our spies. :3

    Who`s the hacker? Well as what we`ve heard, the hacker is also in HOT 30 that time-said by someone we interview. Well, it`s possible and I have no doubt if it is true. I believe that some who are aiming for the high rankings are the ones who started the night mare for the top rooms. And now it`s fixed, we hoped that it`ll not going to happen again.

Legendary Ninja Quest

    This issue started last March 19, 2011.from someone`s blog. Right now, some picos are getting  intrigue... some are pissed off. Most of the people who tried this hack got stock on the numbering of 29 even though the pictures are counted 30. So I don`t really advice you to do it cuz` Ameba Pico haven`t fix the problem and I`m not sure if they are going to fix it.


    Last March 24, 2011. There is someone who got banned because of cheating on blackjack.(Check the post here). I saw many picos are reporting to Ameba Pico`s fan page that they are seeing some hackers to earn many c$ on their wins-well, some are reporting the wrong person. So, if you`re scared enough, better you stop planning on doing it because this might be the reason for getting banned. 

    I saw someone, playing yesterday at casino and I saw through my eyes how he hacks it and he`s not the one who got banned last time. And as what I`ve heard. This user got banned too.

Gift Links

    Gift Links helped us a lot, yeah even me but they are not working anymore-maybe with some pico users, it does.-. So, don`t wonder why you can`t get some foods/stuffs. It`s not becuase Ameba Pico is error-always error- but because Ameba Pico already fixed it -after 8months or more than.

-Étoile Sisters


kemas said...

i'm agree with you at Room Favorites,Legendary Ninja Quest,Casino if they banned but gift link noo......D:

Etoile Sisters said...

yeah, i know. It`s a big help. I knew about it when i was getting my sis some food and then it`s not working.. I tried with mine and it worked. ><

♠¢нσ¢σмαι♣ said...

Cool blog ;)

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